Is it possible to learn the nature of a woman in her shoes?

Is it possible to learn the nature of a woman in her shoes?

Did you know that the character of a woman can guess the shoe, to be exact, according to the type of heel, which she prefers?

1. High heels.

High heels can choose women who instinctively want to "rise above all" because of their low self-esteem.

Just high heels may prefer women who love to challenge, to break the rules, and women with accentuated sexuality.

2. Pins.

Studs are usually worn by women, confident, attractive women who give birth is easy to love and nature are very feminine.

3. Shoes with platform heels.

Shoes with platform heels, according to psychologists, definitely choose self-confident woman, solid and able to defend their opinions, although sometimes they are unpredictable.

Is it possible to learn the nature of a woman in her shoes?

4. Shoes Platform.

Practical and romantic women prefer platform shoes. According to psychologists, these women are usually straightforward by nature, and always strive to achieve success at any cost. 5. Low wedgies.

Women who prefer low wedges differ special softness, flexibility and relaxation. Such women tend to compromise, it is very nice to talk to them.

6. shoes with flat low-heeled shoes.

Shoes with flat low-heeled (like shoes for men) choose strong women who know what they want, but are prone to depression, and easily tired.

7. Sports shoes.

A lover of sports shoes, according to scientists, women are usually open, easy to establish contact with the people, but a bit conservative and not inclined to change.

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