The list of the most absurd names for books

The list of the most absurd names for books

Announced the shortlist Diagram Prize, awarded for the most absurd title for the book.

Of the 64 applicants were selected seven. Among them - a guide to the Estonian socks and a study on the role of the mushroom in Christian art, writes Openspace.

As the members of the jury of the magazine The Bookseller and We Love This Book, engaged in the selection of finalists shortlisted for this season's award included six books is not as usual, but seven, because 2011 has been extremely favorable for books with curious names.

Horace Bent, the chief editor of The Bookseller and Managing Diagram Prize, said that in its entire 34-year history of the selection of candidates was not accompanied by such a heated debate.

The prize has been awarded since 1978. Since 2000, for selection of winner of the online voting on the website of the magazine The Bookseller. Short-list looks as follows:

1) "A century peskocherpaniya in Bristol Bay. Volume Two ";

2) "Cooking with Poo";

3) "Estonian patterns on his socks all over the world";

4) "Great penile panic in Singapore and the future of American mass hysteria";

5) "Pennine Diary Mr. Ando: Memories chicken sexologist from Japan, visited Hebden Bridge in 1935";

6) "Taxonomy office chairs";

7) "Mushroom in Christian art."

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