What distinguishes an Easter cake by Easter?

What distinguishes an Easter cake by Easter?

Easter cake and Easter - different concepts. But, both are indispensable attributes of the feast of Easter and are blessed in the church.

What are the differences?

Cake - a sweet yeast product of varying degrees of richness and different in size and shape, but always high. Catholics, other than yeast cakes, cooked and sand, the so-called "women". Done in the form a cylinder of dough, often with raisins, decorated top glaze or icing sugar.

Easter - a special dish made of cottage cheese. The original shape of Easter - truncated pyramid, symbolizing the Holy Sepulcher.

With a little refinement: cake (in the sense of bread) and Easter (in the sense of curd dessert) - it is in the Russian language. And in Ukraine, cake - it's Easter, and cheese cake - it Sirny Easter. Word cake in the Ukrainian language is not there. In addition, the curd Easter - a dish that requires a lot of time and effort, so the cakes are sometimes made simply called Easter. See also:

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