Named the 12 most useful for human food

Named the 12 most useful for human food

The famous magazine Forbes published a list of the most useful products.

The researchers evaluated the utility of the products for the presence of vitamins and minerals, as well as ability to prevent the very serious diseases such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and lead to normal pressure. The constant use of these products contributes to a healthy life for years to come.

A list of 12 products primarily consists of berries: raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. These berries due to the high content of antioxidants and fiber, ellagic acid (inhibits the growth of tumors), lack of fat should be attributed to wholesome food for humans.

Nuts and legumes are highly effective prevention of cancer, diabetes and obesity.

The most important product - a fat fish, which leads to normal pressure, and normalizes the cardiovascular system, supports the activity of the brain. From animal food the best product - is an egg. Preference should be given boiled eggs, and boiled, and in the bag. Broccoli and cabbage and neutralize toxins effectively and protect the human body against cancer.

In this list, took their place and the onion and garlic. They strengthen the immune system a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the person. But the greatest benefit of these vegetables bring in raw form, so do not forget to add them to salads.

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