10 countries at risk of collision with an asteroid

10 countries at risk of collision with an asteroid

The new space study found that about 47,000 giant asteroids may be the way of the collision with the Earth.

WISE - infrared space telescope NASA took samples of potentially hazardous asteroids near the planet, with a diameter of 100 meters and more, which are big enough to wipe out the entire city or region.

They found 107 of giant objects floating in a small area in space. Multiplying this number by those regions of space that they have not studied, the researchers concluded that about 47,000 asteroids pose a threat to us.

Potentially hazardous asteroids are in orbits close to Earth, at a distance of around 8 million kilometers. In addition, they must be large enough to survive passing through Earth's atmosphere, causing damage to the local or larger scale.

Meanwhile, British scientists from Southampton University have compiled a table of the countries that are most affected in the case of the asteroid. They identified the places where there may be the greatest losses, after which will be almost impossible to recover.

10 countries at risk of collision with an asteroid

10 countries, which threatens a devastating asteroid:

1 United Kingdom

2 China

3 Indonesia

4 India

5 Japan

6. US

7. Philippines

8 Italy

9 Brazil

10 Nigeria

The new analysis showed that much more potentially dangerous asteroids could be in orbit with a lower angle of inclination that are likely to align with the Earth's orbit. Such asteroids are more likely to come close and fall to Earth.

The discovery that many of the potentially hazardous asteroids, usually brighter, can say something about their composition. Rather, they are composed largely of stone, such as granite, or metal.

The composition of the asteroid may affect how fast it will burn in the atmosphere, in the case of a possible collision.