The eight-year Chinese woman a few years nourished hair

The eight-year Chinese woman a few years nourished hair

In China, doctors have learned from the stomach eight girls hair tangle weighing 500 grams. As reported by the Chinese media, little Yueyue to nourish the hair, and her family knew about this strange features but allows the child to do so for several years.

Yueyue lived with his grandparents since her parents constantly traveled around the country and working in different regions, only occasionally visiting his daughter. In one of the meetings, they noticed that the child was very little to eat.

The parents tried to give the girl the vitamins, but it did not help. As a result, they decided to see a doctor. Doctors found that the stomach Yueyue almost completely clogged hair and made her operation.

As it turned out, my grandmother no longer seen as a granddaughter puts his hair in his mouth, but the values ​​of the reason is not attached. We recall a few years ago, American physicians ranked the items that are found in the stomachs of children. As it turned out, more often children eat coins. However, the patient swallows a small and plugs, buttons, batteries, toys, and others.

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