First date. What to say, how to behave?

First date. What to say, how to behave?

The first ten minutes of the first date is the most important. This is a truly crucial moment, which determines whether to build an intimate relationship or not between you.

That 10 minutes is enough to see if you your partner, whether interested in a second date, and whether there is between you have something in common.

So, how to behave on a first date to enjoy your beloved or chosen one:

1. Be kind and show sympathy

Remember that he (or she) is also worried feels somewhat insecure and constantly scrolls in his voice, who you are and how interesting. Tell us about yourself something really exciting, maybe funny, but do not show any negativity and not heap praise on himself.

2. Make compliments

Start communicating with the positive notes, tell him (or her) something nice, maybe a compliment unobtrusive clothing or hairstyle. This will help your companion to relax and treat you well with sympathy. 3. Do not talk about your ex

If by chance you and spill the beans about his ex-ah, tell them something good, positive and happy to not scare away the new elect (or the chosen one).

4. Speak pleasant and calm voice

For the first impressions are very important not only to the appearance and behavior, but also the tone of voice, so try to speak pleasant and gentle voice.

5. The best topic of conversation - about your possible future partner

Show sincere interest in them (or it), ask, what, is interested, he loves to relax, spend your free time. In this case, try to find in the general conversation "common ground", share with someone that seems to him (or her) an interesting and attract attention to you.