Why the white nights in St. Petersburg comes?

Why the white nights in St. Petersburg comes?

The romantic aura around the beloved northern capital was created not only in love with this city by the classics of literature and art, and stunning views - not only the merit of brilliant architects.

The city on the Neva is filled with special, high-pitched sound, physically tangible everyone who is able to stop and just look up to the clear gray sky ...

Metaphysics of the city, its special, inexplicable logic of the charm - not only the merit of man. Perhaps the reason for the uniqueness of the city - in geography, a conscious choice of the place and time of its foundation. No wonder many believe that the famous white nights - a mystical phenomenon occurring only on the Neva River. Although it is not so.

Bright smoky twilight replace the night near the point at all latitudes above 49 solstice ?. In the northern hemisphere this time comes in June, and in the south - in December.

And the closer to the Arctic Circle, the large number of white nights can enjoy the locals. For example, in the Volgograd region white night comes only once a year - on June 22 in St. Petersburg of 23 in Arkhangelsk - 77, and the night does not come close to Tiksi Bay for 2, 5 months!

Why the white nights in St. Petersburg comes?

Peter is 60? north latitude, and enjoy the midnight sun here can be from 25 - 26 May to mid-July. Although officially the white nights from 11 June to 2 July. Townsfolk often believe that during the white nights the sun never sets on the horizon. It is also misleading: White Night astronomers called civil twilight. This period begins after sunset on the horizon as long as the depth of his immersion does not exceed 6 degrees. In the summer in the north of civil twilight lasted until the sunrise.

Reason for change height of the sun relative to the horizon - the slope of the earth's axis to the plane of its orbit. Due to the rays of the sun at different times in different ways illuminate the planet. the entire northern polar region is illuminated during the summer solstice, and at latitudes higher than 65? comes Polar Day - a time when the sun does not drop below the horizon.

On Earth many interesting and beautiful places Petersburg - one of the most amazing.

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