43 unexpected causes headaches

43 unexpected causes headaches

The throbbing, stabbing, aching - we are all familiar with it. Almost everyone had a headache at least once in life.

People suffering from this scourge for thousands of years. At the same time in different cultures, people believed that the guilty of all the evil spirits that gave rise to the procedure called trepanation, in which a small part of the skull was removed to give vent to this most evil spirits.

Fortunately, in most countries there is no need for drilling the holes in the skull to relieve headaches. But if not guilty of all the evil spirits, then what causes such excruciating headache?

43 unexpected causes headaches

In fact, there are so many causes of headache that can be learned from the long list of medical literature. Here are some of the most common factors that cause migraines, tension headaches, cluster and other headaches.

1. Abuse of OTC painkillers. Half of the cases of chronic migraine and 25 percent of all headaches are actually episodes of relapse caused by an overdose of painkillers.

2. Beer

3. Red wine

4. Fermented Cheese

5. Soya

6. Smoked fish

7. Meat products containing nitrates (bacon, sausage, sausage)

8. Semi-finished products

9. Fermented foods

10. Pickled products

11. Pickles

12. Chocolate

13. Nuts

14. Dairy products

43 unexpected causes headaches

15. The sweetener aspartame

16. Skipping meals

17. Bright Lights 18. The reflection of sunlight

19. Loud sounds

20. The pleasant odors, e.g., perfume

21. Unpleasant odors, such as paint thinner and cigarette smoke

22. Smoking

23. Hormonal changes in women before and during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause

24. Hormonal contraceptives

25. Failure circadian rhythm on the way

26. Changes in the sleep cycle

27. Lack of sleep

28. The excess of sleep

29. Sleep in a cold room

30. Sleep uncomfortably

31. The voltage of the head and neck in an awkward position during operation

32. Physical overexertion

33. Sexual Activity

34. Changes in barometric pressure and weather

35. The high altitude (air travel, trips to the height)

36. The heat (hot weather, hot tub)

37. The common cold, flu, sinusitis

43 unexpected causes headaches

38. Tension jaw, teeth grinding

39. Overvoltage view

40. Head injury

41. Stress

42. Depression

43. Anxiety

Serious causes of headaches do not occur very often, but sometimes headaches can signal a more serious condition. It should immediately consult a doctor if you have sudden, severe headache, headache after a blow to the head, or the headache is accompanied by stiffness of the neck muscles, fever, confusion, loss of consciousness and pain in the eye or ear.