Test: The psychological state of the person

Test: The psychological state of the person

Select an image that you like the most and color, and form. So, apparently, you ...

1. The carefree, playful, cheerful.

Life for you - the freedom and spontaneity, try to enjoy every moment. Your motto is: "We live only once!". Open to new experiences, curious and like to change. There is nothing worse than feeling bound, limited circumstances. You explore all the facets of your surroundings and always welcome surprises.

2. Independent, unconventional, spontaneous.

You always go your way, do not recognize the constraints that hinder choose your course. Do you have artistic abilities, which you manifest in work or in their spare time. You crave freedom so much that enters a completely different way than is expected of you. You will never thoughtlessly adopt what is now "in fashion". You live according to their own ideas and beliefs about life, even if it means swimming against the tide.

3 is inclined to introspection and reflection, sensitive, more than most people are immersed in thoughts about themselves and the world around you. You can not stand superficiality. I prefer to stay alone with itself, rather than endure the idle chatter. But your relationships with your friends very rich, which gives you a sense of inner peace and harmony, so necessary for good health. You are not inconvenienced by long solitude: you rarely miss. 4. Life, balanced and harmonious.

Appreciate the naturalness and simplicity. People are comfortable with you, because you are standing firmly on the ground and you can rely on. Those who are dear to you, you give a sense of security, but at the same time, do not push them. You see as a man and a soft heart. You do not like neither kitsch nor commonplace. Skeptical attitude to fashion whims. Clothes do you prefer practical and unobtrusively elegant.

5. A pragmatic professional, self-confident.

You keep life under control and do not rely on luck - only on their actions. You solve problems by simple means, without the mess. You realistically look at life and everyday concerns, to take for them decisively. You trust at work, blaming part because you are reliable. Your strength of spirit is felt by others. You do not feel satisfied until he could bring to the end started

6. The peace-loving, thoughtful, not aggressive.

You are sociable, but at the same time very careful. You can easily make friends, but at the same time enjoy the privacy and independence. From time to time you need a break from everything and be alone with yourself, to reflect on the meaning of life and enjoy the solitude. You need space, so you sometimes hiding in places dear to you. But still, you are not alone. You are in harmony with yourself and the world around you, appreciate what life offers. 7. Confident in their abilities analyst, you can rely on.

Lightning sensitivity helps to identify what is the real value. You will gradually surround yourself with real pearls that have been released from a field of view of those who are not so perceptive. Culture plays an important role in your life. Do you have your own style - an exclusive and elegant, free from mass consumption fashion. Ideal upon which you build your life, largely due to the pleasure that it brings.

8. A romantic, dreamy, emotional.

You are a very sensitive nature. You refuse to look at things from a rational point of view. You care what they say feelings. For you, it is important to have a dream. You are not interested in people who deny the romance and are based only on reason. You do not take anything that would limit the diversity of your emotions and feelings.

9. A dynamic, active, extrovert.

Inclined to take risks and to be bound by some strong commitment in exchange for interesting and varied work. Routine paralyzes you.