In Britain, the 5-year-old every day is powered by wires

In Britain, the 5-year-old every day is powered by wires Little resident of Preston, who suffers from a rare syndrome Pica daily upotreblet food dangerous electrical products.

5-year-old Briton Joseph Hughes is sitting on an unusual diet for his age - any preschooler prefers delicacy electrical wiring and other potentially hazardous components electrical appliances.

According to his mother 25-year-old boy, Kate Jarvis, a few years ago she first witnessed the frightening passions of her child when she went into the children's room, her little son with appetite ate charging for the phone.

- I just could not believe my eyes - says the mother of Joseph. - My child ate almost the entire wire! I have always noticed that the baby loves to play with technology, but I do not even know that this will result in such consequences for us.

After the incident, Joseph's family immediately turned to the doctors of the local hospital. A few hours later, doctors declared that eaten by the wire does not threaten the child's health, but he discovered a rare disease.

In Britain, the 5-year-old every day is powered by wires

- As it turned out, my child developed Pica syndrome -utverzhdaet Kate Jarvis. - Patients with this disease suffer appetite for subjects of inorganic origin. Doctors said that the boy had broken eating behavior. Pica Syndrome is directly related to mental disorders.

In an attempt to at least a little to help her son Joseph's parents have tried to remove from the house all the electrical appliances that might cause harm to the child, but completely insulate it from the technology proved to be practically impossible.

As soon as the parents aside for a few minutes, as the 5-year-old boy immediately started to look for leads.

- One day, our son strong electric shock when he tried to eat another charge - confessed stepfather Luke Jarvis. - We have to keep constantly in time to intervene in the fate of our child we are now very afraid of him.

Doctors also gave disappointing forecasts about the condition of Joseph Hughes: according to experts, Pica syndrome can not be cured until the end. Cravings for non-food items can only suppress using medicines, the reception of which is possible only in adolescence.