23 habits to help you dramatically "pump" their lives

23 habits to help you dramatically

1. Start learning a foreign language. Just teach him every day, at least half an hour.

2. A day to clean up in his room, throwing out the rubbish.

3. Give up computer games. They spoil the view of the world and transform normal people into lost.

4. Completely abstain from fast food and other junk food. Start eating right.

5. doing morning exercises.

23 habits to help you dramatically

6. Train yourself every day to fall asleep and wake up at the same time.

7. Take a meal in one and the same time - the body will tell you thank you for it.

8. Sleep at least 8 hours. It is very important for health.

9. Save money. Start off on the journey. Trips to other countries is encouraged. Better

travel savages, without travel agencies.

10. Think only about the good - everything will come true! Smile more often.

11. Keep a journal of their progress. In the evenings, mark their achievements. Any, even the smallest.

23 habits to help you dramatically

12. Start reading the right books that change lives.

13. Devote internet less than an hour a day.

14. For 10-15 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of clean water. Drink per day for at least 2 liters. water. This improves the internal processes. You'll feel better. 15. Take care of your body. Burn fat and build muscle mass.

16. Find pictures of their goals and stick them in a prominent place. Visualization is very important.

23 habits to help you dramatically

17. Write down on a piece of paper all "visyaki" (things that have to do for a long time and that do not give you peace of mind). Deal with them, and life will become easier. Checked.

18. Avoid profanity and words-parasites. In general, keep your speech.

19. Do one small good deed every day. Doing good do not expect anything in return. Welcome back to another.

23 habits to help you dramatically

20. Try every day to eat fruits, vegetables, berries. Replace the usual mashed potatoes and pasta with fresh vegetables.

21. Walk straight. Watch your posture.

22. Discard all sorts of bad habits. Smoking and alcohol causes cancer and other diseases. Why do you condemn yourself to a miserable life?

23. Tell people nice words and compliments. It would be wonderful if it becomes a habit.