Chinese woman writes hands and feet simultaneously

Chinese woman writes hands and feet simultaneously

A resident of China at the same time writes the hands and feet. 26-year-old Chen Xiyuan take brush in hand and feet .... She is going to write four lines of the poem at the same time.

About this woman started talking more and a half years ago. Then she wrote only two hands. After that, Chen decided he could improve his skills.

Chen - a former translator. About his talent she learned by chance in college. He says that the process of writing it robs a lot of energy.

"When you write four different lines of verse or four different proposals at the same time, it takes more energy from your mind than if you wrote one verse. So that my mind feels tired. " Chen attended an expert who has been studying the human brain. The survey found that the part connecting left and right hemisphere of her brain is more developed than the others.

The woman says she wants to use her abilities to help science.

"I think if I was born with this talent, I have to work hard to learn it, know its potential and use it to develop to the highest level. Perhaps it will do something to help people. Maybe this will give some new results in education or scientific research. "

Chen is also studying at the same time to write characters and words in Latin. However, he says that the Chinese letter given to her easily.