Targeted Traffic Forecasting: Read, marketer

Targeted Traffic Forecasting: Read, marketer

Targeted Website Traffic - This new customers, increase profits, return on advertising investment. How do you know how many people can be attracted to the resource? What channels will give the maximum targeted traffic? How to efficiently spend the advertising budget?

Answers to these and other questions will give you a new book series "Ask Ingate" "targeted traffic Prediction: crib for the marketer."

Targeted Traffic Forecasting: Read, marketer

The book contains practical expert advice on SEO, web analytics, contextual advertising and SMM. You will understand the methodology of forecasting, will be able to assess the scope of work, supervise the work of SEO-experts / contractor, be an effective strategy to attract new customers.

From the book you will learn:

- how to determine the potential of the site to attract the target audience;

- that it is necessary for accurate traffic forecast;

- how to avoid common pitfalls and false expectations.