5 highest-grossing films of the past year

5 highest-grossing films of the past year

The last year left a lot of good movies - and all this in spite of the critics of the statement that the era of Hollywood, and any commercial movie ends. This year the studio has also released a few good pictures, but until their early to assess - it can not be seen the overall picture.

But to evaluate the films in 2014 is already possible, and necessary. In the continuation of - the five most grossing films that have brought their creators a lot of millions of green money. But in this case, all deserved.


Genre: Fiction, Drama, Adventure

Kinopoisk Rating: 8.7

The film is a plexus of various genres. Maximum here, of course, science fiction, but a lot of psychological and subtle moments.

The room is the daughter of the hero all the time fall books, and she tries to see in this a secret message from above. In this case, the father goes on an expedition, from which he is unlikely to return.

Cash gathering: $ 672720017

The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure.

Rating kinopoisk: 7.8Ceriya of three films shows us the journey of Bilbo in the company of friends: dwarves, elves (yes, them too can be friends) and wizards. Naturally, the hobbit helps win the main battle - without it anywhere.

Cash gathering: $ 955071340

Planet of the Apes: The Revolution

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Drama

Rating kinopoisk: 7.2Covsem knowingly science fiction wins fees. After all, in the 20th century there have been many immortals of science fiction novels and short stories, storylines that are practically inexhaustible.

One of the novels - "Planet of apes", filmed many years ago, and then - in our time. The plot is simple - a war between genetically modified and their ape people can end very suddenly. All need power in the world, and a new civilization in conflict with the old.

Cash gathering: $ 708835589


Genre: Drama, War, Biography

Kinopoisk Rating: 7.3

In this war drama shows the real story of an American athlete, who, being at the peak of his career, gets to the front, where, almost immediately - captured by the Japanese.

Cash gathering: $ 161459297


Genre: Fantasy, Family, Romance

Kinopoisk Rating: 7.2

A very original look writer and director on the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Perhaps the witch who sentenced the child to a meeting with creepy spindle is not so bad? Perhaps the real evil - is not it?

Cash gathering: $ 758410378