10 myths about sun protection

10 myths about sun protection

1. Cream is necessary to use directly in the sun before entering

One of the most famous myths. To the cream was absorbed into the skin and act effectively, it should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure. In addition, people with fair skin and soft experts advise to apply the cream more thoroughly.

2. Simply put the cream on the skin

A common misconception. The cream is to create a uniform layer that can protect the skin. Heterogeneity is manifested when applied on the skin: the smaller the cream, the more refracted rays.

3. tan with sunscreen is impossible to

Wrong. Sunscreens do not prevent sunburn, and make it more healthy.

4. You can do one cream

A common mistake. The skin on the face and teleobladaet different sensitivity, so need different products for the face and body. When buying cream, make sure that the cream had protection from UVA and UVBluchey and contained more schadyaschieingredienty. In pharmaceutical cosmetics is an advantage because its composition is less harmful to the skin.

10 myths about sun protection


  • For oily and dry skin needs a completely different means. Oily skin needs proper care to the effect of haze. Replace the conventional cream and to enhance protection can be by means of low-fat emulsions and light texture.
  • Dry skin needs hydration and nutrition. Often it is also a fairly thin, so it needs the highest protection factor - SPF50 +.
  • The cream should be carefully applied to the décolleté and neck where the skin is highly susceptible to the sun's rays. Sensitive areas around the eyes and skin of the lips is convenient to protect the sun Stick with a protection factor of more than 50.

If you have sunscreen ends, or you realize that you are using an unsuitable protection and should be replaced by a means, pay attention to special promotions. For example, here you will find interesting proposals for the order of sun-cream.

5. One need only to close his eyes, being in the sun

10 myths about sun protection

It is not true. Sunglasses are absolutely necessary when tanning. The bright spots on glasses traces are not always pleasant, but it is much more important to protect the eyes and sinuses and the delicate skin of the eyelids from the harmful effects. When choosing glasses, pay attention to the material from which they are made (glass or plastic), and the degree of protection. Cosmetic lenses will protect you from a small part of the sun's rays, and therefore fit in less sunny time of year. Near water or in the mountains, where a lot of sunlight, need special glasses with a high level of protection from ultraviolet radiation. The ideal for our climate glasses - sunglasses with versatile lenses that do not allow most of the UV radiation. Find their way in the selection of glasses will help this article and find sunglasses at a super price at online stores can be a selection of summer discounts.

6. The higher the factor, the better the protection

protection factor SPF 60 just lasts longer than, for example, SPF 15. It seems that it is more effective, but SPF 15 also has its advantages: it has to be applied more often, and with each application the skin gets more moisture.

7. Protective cream may be applied only to the person Not at all. If you want to avoid the appearance of age spots on the skin, apply a means to protect not only the face but also on the whole body completely.

8. The water barrier cream is optional

10 myths about sun protection

On the other hand, just as the skin is exposed to water even more strongly influenced by sunlight. Therefore, to find in the water is needed, of course, water-resistant cream. Separate cream created for special conditions, such is often marked "sport", is absolutely necessary, because the usual cream can not provide decent protection.

9. You can apply the cream once in the morning

This is not enough, because the cream must be periodically re-applied. Especially if you want to spend the whole day in the sun.

10 can not use the cream in the room

Wrong. The sun - is not the only source of ultraviolet radiation. laptop screen can also cause a lot of harm in the form of various skin problems such as spots. But even here you can help sunscreen if it protects against radiation iskusstvennogoultrafioletovogo, feel free to use it in the office.

Well, if you are still in doubt whether to use sunscreen, watch this video: