More than 20 reasons to kiss

More than 20 reasons to kiss

In the summer people kiss in are three times more likely to, than at any other time of the year. On average, for the life of a person spends with kisses two weeks.

We found more 20 arguments kisses and hope that you will now be to kiss more often.

Kiss for romance

German scientists have proved that kissing a beneficial effect on a person's mood. At the University of Berlin found that 20-second morning kiss create a romantic mood for the whole day. Pedantic Germans want to believe.

Kiss and weight loss

An innocent kiss on the cheek burns five calories. During a passionate kiss, you can burn up to 30 calories. Throw tedious diet and start kissing!

Kiss immunity

Lovers Kissing rarely go to the doctor. This is due to the fact that during a kiss in our body produces neuropeptides, they destroy bacteria and various viruses. Kiss and strengthens the immune system.

Power Kiss

In ancient times in Japan, it was believed that kissing is beneficial to human health. For example, it can be charged with positive energy, both men and women.

By the way, the Japanese coined the "sepun" which means the art of caresses by means of language and the kiss itself. The technique of "sepun" includes a huge number of types of kisses (rain kisses, kiss of fire, butterflies, showers, etc.).

Kiss desire

Doctors, sexologists claim that the kiss with the help of language excites sexual desire in 70% of men. Moreover, in human saliva contains an enzyme such as androsterone. It increases sexual desire in both men and women. Optimistic Kiss

British psychologists have conducted studies in which it became clear that the lovers kissing often manifest themselves optimists, they are confident in their abilities, so that most achieve professional and personal success.

Kiss against caries

Prolonged kiss better gum normalizes acidity in oral cavity. Kissing every time you eat, you will greatly reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Kiss adrenaline

A passionate kiss in the brain causes the same chemical reaction that skydiving or pistol shooting. As a result, kiss blood adrenaline level rises, and this contributes to the physical and mental activity. Make love Not War!

The kiss of pain

Kissing a loved one can act as a painkiller that is 200 times stronger than morphine. Therefore, if you have a headache, just ask your man to kiss you.

The Kiss of silence

The best means to avoid answering or make "silence" her man - is the kiss. When kissing can help avoid quarrels and unpleasant explanations.

Family Kiss

According to statistics, 40% of couples say French kiss one of the main manifestations of love. Psychologists, in turn, claim that "deep" kissing - it is a certain emotional outburst, which is the best prevention of divorces.

Kiss for centenarians US researchers conducted a study which found that those who have a lot of kisses, live an average of five years longer than those who do not share these hobbies.

More than 20 reasons to kiss

Kissing allergy

Japanese doctors claim that the kiss in the body reduces the production of histamine, which causes hay fever. And in order to get the vaccine from this disease, you have to kiss a continuous period of 30 minutes, and even a nice relaxing music.

Kiss from Freud

The founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud kissing sexual perversion. You want to test his theory? Then Kiss as often as possible!

Orgasm kiss

94% of women receiving sexual pleasure from kisses. And some even reach orgasm with their help. This phenomenon occurs in approximately 1-2% of the fairer sex. And even if you do not belong to their number, Kiss and enjoy the process.

Heart kisses

Kiss - excellent training for the cardiovascular system of man. It was while kissing a man quickens the pulse significantly - up to 150-180 beats per minute for women and up to 110-120 beats in men. Therefore kisses help prevent such diseases as vegetative-vascular dystonia, and disorders associated with blood circulation in the human body.

Kissing stress

American psychologist Eric Berne asserts that kiss - it is an important ritual in the life of any person. According to him, the kiss of a loved one - the best cure for stress and depression. The same conclusion was reached by the famous Professor Walter Touma. He dedicated his life to the struggle with emotional tension. Touma even created a special course called anti-stress. And it plays an important role practice kissing.

Kissing against viruses

Scientists in Australia have found the largest number of natural antibiotics in saliva. During a kiss they enter the body of another person, and anti-inflammatory effect on him.

Clever kissing

Passionate kiss, if it lasts more than a minute, increases a person's heart rate. As a result, it improves blood flow, and hence oxygen delivery to the brain cells. Accelerated mental processes, increases the concentration of attention and even the quality of storing information. So if you decide to learn a foreign language, do not forget to accompany their studies with passionate kisses.

Soulful Kiss

According to psychologists, a kiss is essential for peace of mind of any man. A women aged 20 to 30 years old just need to kiss to feel the harmony between inner and outer worlds. Everyone who is not in this age range, kisses too, are not contraindicated.

"Light" kissing

Kissing warn various pulmonary diseases. This occurs from the fact that during the kiss our lungs begin a much more efficient and faster work. Instead of the usual 20 breaths per minute man, kissing, making 60. And thus, as it "cleans" your lungs. Kiss Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe claimed that intelligent girl kisses but does not love, and it is the best way to win the heart of any gentleman. Marilyn knew a lot about men and kisses. So if you want to get a real gentleman, then kiss him.

More than 20 reasons to kiss

Kissing Wrinkle

Kiss actuates from 29 to 34 facial muscle, some of which can activate otherwise. Such a charge for the face is a great way to preventing wrinkles.

Money Kiss

Opinion polls have shown that men who every day kiss their wives before leaving for work, have a higher income than those who do not. I wonder why we are talking about men?

Kiss and feelings

Kiss - this is probably the best way to to express their attitude to another person. So if you want a declaration of love, kiss your vote. And the kiss will tell all about your feelings.