"Young" single mother, which is mistaken for a girl of her son

A woman from Manchester, claims that she "ceased to grow old", when she was 20 years old.

42-year-old Shimmy Munshi (Shimmi Munshi) and her 21-year-old son, Amin (Ameen) look like peers, reports Daily Mail.

The woman always looked younger than their peers. And when friends began to grow old, it is against the background began to look more youthful. Munshi said that does not do anything special to stay young.

It Do not drink, does not smoke and regularly visits the gym - that's the whole secret. In our time, this way of life is shared by many, but not all look like Shimmy.

Her life has never been easy. She raised one son, whom she had quite early - at age 21.

itself Shimmy did not notice anything unusual until then, while above it have not started to make fun of friends. They have time and again said that their friend has learned the secret of eternal youth, which refuses to share.

Shimmy explains the phenomenon of his youth a good heredity. This beautiful woman, in her own words, does not like to spin in front of a mirror and not obsessed with cosmetics.

The British are constantly mistaken for the son of the same age Amin. One day, when she came to his parents' meeting, the teacher said it would prefer to see his mother and not his sister.

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