"Cube infinity" - a fascinating table lamp

The artist from Binghamton (NY) has created an unusual desktop "lamp"

The combination of dichroic and reflective glass allowed to construct a fascinating object that displays a different color and depth measurements depending on which angle you look at it.

Sean Augustin March (Sean Augustine March) called his creation in honor of Augustin Jean Fresnel, French physicist of the XIX century, one of the founders of the wave theory of light.

You can buy a lamp with the infinity effect in just 3 000 dollars (190 thousand rubles).

Fresnel invented the lens components needed to create parallel rays, which are still in use beacons.

futuristic lamp consists of dichroic glass cube with another cube inside.

The design feeds LED calculated 200,000 hours of operation. The effect of the set of cubes is achieved due to the passage of the LED light through the metal particles embedded in dichroic glass.

The very dichroic glass was first developed by NASA for use in mirrors satellites. Then it became available to the general market and since then often used to create art works.

glass properties allow it to change color when viewed from different angles. In physics, it is called thin film effect which occurs when light waves reflected from the upper and lower surfaces of a thin film, interfering with each other.

The second type of glass used in the lamp Marcha, similar to that used in the one-way mirror. Light can penetrate into the box and then reflected from each surface, creating the effect of "infinity".