Marina Kravets participant Comedy Club (26 photos) | girls

Biography Marina Kravets

In 1984, on May 18 in St. Petersburg, future starlet was born. Marina Kravets grew up in a poor family accountant and a locksmith. In addition to the marina in the family had two more boys. Krawiec was the darling of the family, her older brothers guarded and cared for her.

Girl from childhood loved to sing and pleased everyone with his sweet voice and a good ear. Marina could not learn in music school, because there was never empty seats. But cast singing Kravets not collected and studied vocal optional.

Education Marina Kravets received in 524 gymnasium. There she wrote the script for the KVN team, who represented her school.

After school, Marina entered the St. Petersburg State University, where she studied at the teacher of the Russian language for foreigners. But to become a teacher, she was unable to, and her career in this field is over and before it started.

In the biography of Marina Kravets there and her other activities that are not associated with creativity. For example, while studying at the university, she worked as a secretary at the station, and the promoter, handing out leaflets. But still the main activity was KVN. Kravets played in the student team "dupes." But the team "simpleton" was not destined to reach the top of the KVN, and at one point, the team disbanded. Marina stood still a few teams, but only in small roles.

Next list Kravets activities in her biography adds to participate in the musical groups "Mary & Band", "NotNet", but the most important step in the career of the young singer became involved in the group "NestroyBend". The group sang songs composed or altered themselves. The most famous hit was the arrangement of the song "Hop-musorok"

In 2011, after Marina met producer group "Vorovaiki" it opened the opportunity to sing along with Svetlana Nazarenko (singer of the group "City 312").

In 2014, she shot a video with a group of "Umaturman" for the song "Falling". And then came the song and the clip-known humorous songs "Oil", where she played a major role in the form of a glamorous lady.

In the biography of Marina Kravets there was a place for a career on the radio, the actress's career and, of course, Comedy Club.

Marina Kravets and her husband

Marina Kravets participant Comedy Club (26 photos) | girls

Become a happy husband, the famous comedian Marina Kravets managed Arcadia Vodahovu. They knew each other since the KVN, where they played together as a team. Having lived 6 years together without a marriage certificate, they moved to conquer Moscow. Couple still continues to work together, but no longer at the stage of KVN and Comedy on Radio.

Wedding Marina and Arcadia was held in 2013. Children have yet.

Marina Kravets and TNT

Until now, the same place of work is the scene of Marina Comedy Club, where she performs with Matua, Averin and Sorokin. So the girl is a frequent speaker and other participants such as Comedy Slepakov Gorelik et al.

In May 2014 Kravets has become a leading new morning show on the same channel.

Marina Kravets participant Comedy Club (26 photos) | girls Marina Kravets participant Comedy Club (26 photos) | girls

Marina Kravets and other channels

Marina works and other well-known TV channels. So in 2015 she became a member of the show "One to one" on the TV channel Russia 1, which ranked fifth.

In September of the same year Marina Kravets together with Sergey Gorelikova we became the leading travel show on channel STS "Rousseau tourists."

Marina Kravets participant Comedy Club (26 photos) | girls Marina Kravets participant Comedy Club (26 photos) | girls

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