How to save money. 10 tips. | Tips

Saving is a difficult and tedious process that could start saving, first of all, you need to start to correct itself. Before setting out to explore ways to save important thing to remember: the money saved - it earned money.

How to save money. 10 tips. | Tips

• Never dispose of equipment that can still work - ask your husband or other men to correct some technical flaws, which can be easy and cheap to fix.

• Do not be afraid to give someone a thing or technique that you got for free.

• When the family grows a little baby, do not hesitate to wear it the things inherited from the other kids (older siblings, nephews, the children of your friends, and others.). Good things are now erased and quality is good. Kids grow quickly and buying expensive clothes for them is not necessary.

• Do not take care of the penny (remember "Dead Souls" by Gogol - the hero all his life ashore penny and eventually left with nothing). And do not take credit for small purchases. Better just to take a little more using the so-called loan secured. Most banks now there is such a product. Take better on large investments, such as an apartment or house. • It is possible to use energy-saving light bulbs or fluorescent lamps. Many, indeed, been able to use them to save energy. But they should be treated with great caution.

• You can save on the night wash, if the counters in the home is considered "day" and "night" separately. Laundry night cost a half times cheaper. However, hang the laundry early in the morning, and even more so at night very uncomfortable.

• The best way to save money, when visiting a grocery store, this is to buy all the top of the list.

• Remember that saving on food, save on their health. Never worth saving, buying the cheapest products. This was not to save money. Then spend more on drugs!

• Do not skimp on the details, save time better.