How to make hair healthy and beautiful | Tips

Beautiful hair has always been and remains an indicator of the strength and health. Owners of thick, shiny and healthy hair men look after with the same delight.

How to make hair healthy and beautiful | Tips

We can hardly find something more attractive than flowing over her shoulders silk waterfalls. Of course, every human being endowed by nature with a different, but wrong to think that the health of the hair is determined only by heredity. Hair will be as healthy and beautiful as well cared for.

The most important stage - the correct and timely beauty treatments. In order to determine the system of hair care, you must be able to determine your hair type. It is divided into three types of hair, although they may vary depending on the care, feeding, and even the time of year.

1. Normal hair - shining in the sun, reflect light across the surface, very smooth to the touch, the scalp healthy and clean. So the hair, as a rule, need to wash only 1 time in about 4-5 days.

How to make hair healthy and beautiful | Tips

2. Dry hair - do not shine, pushatsya, the touch is not smooth, highly electrified. The scalp is dry and may peel off due to lack of moisture. Often hair loss is observed. Dryness of the hair and scalp is treated mainly through the revision process of care: shampoo replaced by a softer, apply moisturizing and nourishing mask. Also at the time it is better to give up the hair dryer, curling iron or straightener.

How to make hair healthy and beautiful | Tips

3. Greasy hair - have an unattractive dull color, unkempt appearance. Become dirty just a day after washing. Due to the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin often develops a fungus that causes seborrhea. The reason is, as a rule, in metabolic disorders and requires an adjustment power. But it could be the result of improper care: the wrong shampoo, washing too often unnecessarily.

How to make hair healthy and beautiful | Tips

Whatever the type of hair, it is necessary to organize proper hair care.

So how do you make your hair beautiful and healthy?

Here are a few simple rules:

- Wash your head is not more than 1 time in 4-5 days. If you use styling products, then they definitely need to wash at the end of the day, as the makeup from the face, otherwise you can harm healthy hair and scalp;

- Wash your head only to shampoo that suits your hair type. It is also worth noting that the natural composition, the better. And the price, in this case special is irrelevant;

- Use warm water, not hot. It is useful to hair, so it does not allow split flakes, as well as warm water does not cause the activity of the sebaceous glands; - use the means to care for hair after washing: balms, masks, conditioners or leave the means of the same series as the shampoo. Or, you can replace them with natural natural oils: jojoba, almond, macadamia, avocado. They are well absorbed and makes hair smooth and shiny.

Hair - the most obvious indicator of the body's health, so eat plenty of fish of different varieties of vegetables and dairy products, getting enough sleep and then not only hair but also skin and nails markedly improved, and the effect will not take long.