How to eliminate bad breath | Tips

Bad breath: why it occurs and how to deal with it.

How to eliminate bad breath | Tips

This problem is bad breath haunts many people. But not many people know how to eliminate bad breath, that there are simple ways to help deal with this nuisance.

Solutions halitosis

The most common cause of bad smell is a raid or deposits on the teeth. After all, it contains plenty of bacteria. You can not neglect brushing in the morning and evening hours. During the day, when there is no possibility to carry out this procedure is necessary to use dental floss. But should not be too zealous, intense effect on the teeth can damage the enamel and cause tooth decay.

Also during oral treatment, we can not forget about the language. To do this, use a special toothbrush, on the reverse side of which are bumps. This will remove the language from the surface of food debris and dead skin cells, which are also often the cause of the odor.

After eating necessarily need to be sure to rinse your mouth. Well, if it will be a special balm for treatment of the oral cavity. But when such is not at hand, the fit and the usual water. In addition to eliminating bad breath, this procedure will help prevent a lot of diseases of the mouth. Do not be afraid to use after eating chewing gum, but one that does not contain sugar. During chewing, will be released saliva, which serves as protection against caries and helps eliminate bacteria as the founders of bad breath.

Should avoid eating foods that have a pungent smell. Such is the onion and garlic. They include certain volatile substances, they are in the digestion into the blood and then into the lungs. After eating them, nothing will help to eliminate the stench, but it was not necessary to deny the beneficial use of these products, it is necessary to simply enjoy them in the evening, when the unpleasant odor does not confuse anyone.

Smoking is one of the causes of unwanted "flavor". In addition, the cigarette "will give" yellow plaque on the teeth and greatly increase the risk of oral cancer. These reasons are more than enough to give up the addiction.

It is necessary to closely monitor the health of the gums. If the gums are affected by periodontal disease, the bad breath on a consistent basis will be guaranteed. Bacteria accumulate at the base of the tooth and there begin to proliferate, which leads to the problem of bad breath. To cope with this problem will help dentist prescribing necessary medications.