Is it possible to make money in Forex? | Miscellaneous

With the advent of the Internet, there was a practical question - is it possible to make money online and how? As well as a large number of proposals "khaljavnogo" earnings, most of which are 100% the lotto. Earnings in the FOREX Exchange - stands as something apart from all these proposals.

Is it possible to make money in Forex? | Miscellaneous

everyone is seduced by the promise of profits from the Forex space. Especially when the minimum deposit in many dealing centers has dropped from $ 100 to just 1, and leverage increased from 1: 100 to 1: 500, and sometimes even up to 1: 1000. And where does it lead? Yes, there is nothing, someone merged their deposits for five minutes, someone is lucky, he increased his balance on the first day of two, or even four times. To celebrate, he has invested in a large way. Still merged.

In general, successful forex traders There is a myth that to learn, namely, to make a forex exchange, it is necessary to drain a lot of deposits, ponabivat cones, check the time your trading strategy. And then, the most stubborn, are not disappointed in the forex finally, begin to finally earn.

Is it possible to make money on forex once - without trial and error? It is possible, but for this it is necessary to strictly follow some simple requirements. First, we should clearly understand for themselves what to make a million a month, you need to deposit size it was at least 100 million. If you have managed to make a million to a million a week - not rejoice in this, but rather think about it, because for the same week, you are just as likely could be left with nothing. And then, what forex is different from the lottery? Yes, nothing.

Secondly, you must have at least a minimal representation on technical and fundamental analysis. And to have your trading strategy, or use for the first time a stranger. And, necessarily, before investing in forex try their days of a month, the other, to trade on a demo account. In the meantime, read books on money management. He is, believe me, you will come in handy more than technical and fundamental analysis.

And thirdly. Do not take loans and do not take money in order to invest in forex. As the financial market is everything, exactly, is never stable.

Be bold and all you get.