Movie Review Two zero | Miscellaneous

In France, the Russian nuclear bomb bought for big money, but the Russians did not manage to get enough of a good acquisition M51 missiles as it quickly "got their hands on" dangerous criminals. The French decided to go in search of criminals of their agents, but agents are not simple, but full of idiots! But such fools as Will and Ben will be able to cope with such a task!

Movie Review Two zero | Miscellaneous

They will not forget the days in the French Riviera and even in Jamaica as millionaires. They fall into the dangerous den of the enemy! But friends stupid not to get lost! Serious challenges await obezbashennym friends - nude model, tanks, Ninjas, but nothing scary! They are confident that they can save the world!

In the film, a lot of stories with top models with slim legs and a deep neckline, look at them - a pleasure! When viewing the comedy "Two zero", you will learn a lot about the work of the super spy devices to them, see the exploding island with reality effect occurred explosion. The film was shot with a single purpose - to the audience enjoyed the comedic moments while watching, so do not strongly focus on the artistic features and its meaning.

Interesting facts about the film Two Zero:

The film "Two zero" in France came out with a circulation of 750 copies! (For comparison - the most popular movies and cash out only 500 copies) "Two Zero" walked all the parodies of militants by the number of jokes, so decided unanimously media.

This film at the box office came in second place after the "Harry Potter" in France.

Entered the top five of the sexiest men of France Edouard Baer starred in the film "Two zeros" in the role of Mr. Evil.

Inna Zobova - French model from Russia starred as Alexander Bogdanov.

Soon the film will be born "two zero" - "002". This time, agents will pursue bandits who had stolen a dangerous virus, and once again save the world!

Personally, I do not like movies in the genre "Action", watch this film offered me a husband, his taste I trust. This movie I watched with pleasure! We watched "Two Zero" on site and were satisfied! No brakes when browsing, as happens in many other video hosting services, there are no viruses, little advertising!

Good French film - a parody of the spy thriller. Moderately funny, interesting, such as the French know how to do! The film is perfectly suitable for both single view, and to view the company. I advise all fans of humor look "two zero", you will not regret!