How fortunate to be interviewed | Tips

Often the person who wants to find a job making a lot of mistakes, which is why the search for a suitable job delayed for weeks or even months. The failure of the device to the desired position may be due to mistakes made during the interview.

How fortunate to be interviewed | Tips

After the interview plays a significant role in employment. The first impression made on the employer raises or lowers your chances to get into the selected group. The slightest mistake during the passage of the interview can spoil the view of the employer about you, thereby depriving you of the desired operation.

In order to seamlessly receive the desired position is worth knowing a few tricks that will help you successfully pass a job interview.

  1. It is necessary to know as much information about the company in which you want to work. Thanks to information technology to find out the pros and cons of the company does not take much. Employees should read reviews on the Internet and go to the company website (if available) in order to learn more about the activities of the employer company.
  2. The need for action before the passage of the interview is to study all the duties you'll perform in the event of a successful meeting with the employer.
  3. If you do not yet appeared before the interview questions, do not hesitate to call the company and get answers. Do not forget about the right tone, precise formulations and constructability issues that you want to ask. You can write all the questions on paper, so that during the conversation did not stutter, but clearly and competently to voice the employer that you are interested in.
  4. A well-written resume plays an important role in the selection of candidates for the employer. In summary, you need to necessarily indicate all the official data, the range of your interests, which coincide with the company's interests, work experience in the specialty required, additional courses, trainings, seminars. Also in the summary it is very important to point out the features of his character, which will help you working at the desired positions. Do not forget at the end of the resume to summarize why you have to take on this position, you can influence the growth and reputation of the firm.
  5. For a successful interview as necessary to be able to speak properly. You should not worry too much, otherwise your voice will sound uncertain. The main thing - it's calm tone, self-confidence, the correct construction of questions and answers, respect for the other person. For the "dilution" of the atmosphere, you can use light humor, the main thing is not to overdo it. Making the atmosphere is not compulsory and calm, placing superior to himself - chance to arrange for this work is almost 100%.
  6. At about the proposed salary questions never answered: "I agree! This excellent salary ", otherwise the employer may consider that this salary is more to you and to cut it or you load more work. Just the wrong answer would be: "This is of course a small salary, but I have no choice - I agree to work you", the employer decides after such an answer that you will reject a temporary employee and your candidacy. The correct answer would be: "I am satisfied with your proposed salary. I promise to make every effort to ensure that my career in your company grow. So I hope that my salary will increase over time and would fit my abilities and skills. "

I hope these tips will help you experienced psychologists in employment for work and looking for work will not be delayed for a long time. I wish you a successful passage of the interview!