How to get rid of mold | Tips

Mold accompanies us throughout the history of mankind. And despite this, it remains one of the mysteries of our world. Until the end of the mold has not yet been studied, and it appears each time in a new way.

How to get rid of mold | Tips

Device "gigromer" sold in stores, will determine the percentage of humidity of the apartment. If it is exceeded, then the mold is required to lodge in the house and will be happy and prosper. To avoid this, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of moisture, and then the lime itself mold.

The sources of excessive moisture in a home can be:

• joints of the defect in slabs or window openings (holes, slots and other marriage). Because of this defect cold outdoor air temperature starts to come in contact with warm home, condensation and humidity;

• due to improper air circulation in the building; • if the housing - flat, the careless neighbors can also lead to the formation of excessive moisture (e.g., battery leakage or water pipes);

• climate itself contributes to high humidity.

How to fix:

• slit near windows, to fill a crack sealant or cement;

• to establish ventilation by opening the air vents;

• Check with the neighbors seat leakage.

An additional source of elimination of humidity in the house (apartment) may be an air conditioner or dehumidifier household. All that struck mildew, must be destroyed. Let this wallpaper or carpets, curtains ... It's a pity, but health is always more expensive. Things are still flawed, and even then they mold may appear again, because the disputes are and again revived.