As a self-replace the wiring? | Do it yourself

Today, any living space sated electrical novelties, so the wiring is often overloaded. Electricity, in full compliance with all previous specifications, master and process the total power of modern appliances when they are not able to co-operation.

As a self-replace the wiring? | Do it yourself

The main thing - remember how unsafe is tightly hidden wiring. Open Access to nodes connections and fold cables required for verification and further regulation of their work.

So, you need to replace the wiring by yourself?

Perforating the wall or wall chaser made Stroebe (grooves) for subsequent packaging in which wires. Noisy work puncher guarantee the presence of dust and dirt in huge quantities. So thoughtful option timely dry cleaning, without the participation of water, is a must.

When the slots are ready, it is recommended to "pack" the wire one of the following methods:

• The use of metal tubes for protecting packaging provides resistance wires (e.g., drilling) to mechanical damage. • Bellows protects against damage, which can cause water ingress to the bare wires, but mechanical damage will still be a threat.

• Harness fits into the slots directly without protective packaging (strongly discouraged option). This method ensures the preservation of the budget and provides good additional heat, sometimes necessary when loads increase.

When "hidden" phone, TV, internet access and control cables in the wall, it is recommended to make additional slots. It is better to hide this kind of cable under the baseboard, to avoid potential interference with the functioning of the process of phone and Internet connections.

Through the replacement of the wiring yourself, the owner of a residential area and becomes master of the situation. Question number of outlets and the choice of where they are installed depends on his own will. The fact that substantial savings of the family budget will be a motivating bonus, because the cost of replacing wiring master "all-inclusive" substantially devastate piggy bank and, moreover, does not guarantee quality results.