The focus of attention - repairs in the nursery | Do it yourself

To children your child has become comfortable and convenient for him to need to work hard.

The focus of attention - repairs in the nursery | Do it yourself

The first step is to decide with its designer décor and distribute to zone. It is possible to simply draw on a sheet of paper, or use programs on your computer. You need to think about what color schemes draw the room, determine the area where the baby will sleep, engage and play.

Recommendations for floor covering

Important is the selected materials used for the repair, they must be non-hazardous, high-quality, clean in terms of ecology, without the presence of toxic substances that may affect the health of your child. Get the materials that are used in child care centers and certified, do not try to buy cheap materials, and do not skimp on your baby's health.

Floors in the baby's room to do the best, followed by wood covered with natural mastic. A good option to use:

  • parquet;
  • cork;
  • laminate - durable and non-slip.

Stel best small synthetic mats, which displayed the nature of, or tales of the road for cars, where children enjoy playing.

Construction of ceilings

When infant baby high ceilings, it was appropriate to issue or apply multilevel ceilings. They may draw small clouds, stars, birds or butterflies, they look great in a child's room. The tone of the best ceiling painted in soothing colors of blue shade, this color calms the nervous system, and creates a cozy atmosphere.

During the repair is better to apply the ceilings in the nursery, they can be washed easily and they do not collect dust on themselves. When using multilevel plasterboard ceiling room easily divided into separate zones - for games or sleeping. But they can not be used in areas where low ceilings, then they can be painted white.

walls Recommendations

in the children's room wall should fill according to the age of your child if he has already passed the ten-year mark, let them pick their own wallpaper for her room. For younger children, choose wallpaper with drawings of fairy-tale heroes, comic books, or children's wallpapers. In nurseries students is desirable to glue the wallpaper, on which are depicted landscapes, the nature of their view brings serenity. In the children's best to stick to "breathe" paper wall, not vinyl is not breathable. A paste should preferably be specially designed or paste adhesive. When painting the walls, use only certified paint intended for children's institutions. Such a coating of the walls the best fit for a child who loves to draw.

Decorating the walls of carpets is not necessary due to the fact that they collect dust and cause allergies in children. Paint the walls should be in colors that match the liking of the child and help in its development. Overly active kids do not fit bright colors, for them the best fit color schemes of calming colors. Calm children contrary suited bright saturated colors, the basic rule in choosing colors - do not overdo it.

At the end of the children's room renovation is not in a hurry with the definition of a child in the room, wait at least 10 days, to the smells disappeared after the repair, which can be unpleasant for the child.

Using these guidelines and you can be sure about the health of the child