Culinary tourism in Italy | Cities and countries

Italians are real gourmets, through many generations of family recipes passed. Perhaps this tradition has helped make Italian cuisine in the world recognition and wide distribution.

Culinary tourism in Italy | Cities and countries

In Italy there is a gastronomic reference to the region. Residents of the northern regions prefer different kinds of risotto with seafood and fish. You can indulge in a savory dumpling or kanedelikami with fruit filling and certainly aromatic and fragrant bread of two types of flour and herbs. Minestrone northern regions does not look like the same vegetable soup south. Besides this winemaking region. To enjoy fully all the bouquet of aromas and flavors that you need to taste the noble drink directly on the territory of its production, in the process of transporting the wine loses its originality. However, this rule applies only to young wines, aged for varieties of transportation is not terrible. Piedmont - birthplace of Gorgonzola cheese and Grana Padano and white truffle. This rare mushroom growing near some trees under the ground, and find it can only specially trained dogs.

Central region characterized by a large number of aromatic herbs and spices. Olive oil - the card of the center of Italy, is spread olive orchards and capacity-known brand. Kitchen of the central region is famous for thick soups, homemade pasta, and incredibly soft and succulent lamb. For many gourmet symbol of Italy was the ancient Greek amphora - a bottle of white wine Verdicchio.

Southern regions are endowed with a unique flavor. In summer there is a festival of homemade cheeses. Cheese factory production local population considers fake. Pizza, ice cream, coffee and of course peperoncini - the card of the south.

Apart from the simple table wine the region produces and famous red wines such as Rosso Barletta, Primitivo di Manduria, Rosso Canosa thick velvet wine with the aroma of chocolate and sun-dried plum. Going on a gastronomic tour of Italy need to stock up a program of activities in the region. In the spring there is an international exhibition of wine, the festival artichoke, cherries and ice cream. In autumn, you can visit the festival Parma ham, slow food, snails, truffles, chocolate Eurochocolate, "Canelli - wine city", as well as the festival of wine and gastronomy. September will delight holiday pizza "Pizzafest", a cheese fair Cheese & Food Festival - a colorful spectacle with costumed procession and performance artists.