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Flash game "Zombotron 2: Time Machine" is a clear continuation of the popular shooter "Zombotron 2". If they compare, the biggest differences in gameplay between the two parts, you will not notice, but developers still have introduced several innovations in the gameplay.

For example, the schedule is much better compared to the previous part, it has become more cartoonish and colorful. But otherwise, it is still a good shooter zombie, monsters and mad robots who want to enslave the planet.

The main features of the game

In this part of the developers have added even more interactive world. Machinery and earthmoving machinery became more and stone barriers and walls become destructible. Also, you are waiting for a new more dangerous enemies. You will see the looters, who will fire at you, Barnacle, who hang their horrible language from the ceiling, and many others.


Are you still trying to repair your spaceship that crashed in the first part and like everything is ready for the flight, but suddenly you find that you have no fuel. The benefit of the local gas station is just around the corner from you, and you quietly go there. Along the way, you are attacked by vicious marauders who were literally nowhere and take you prisoner while you steal all the money and weapons. And looters carry you into his lair, but then on the way you save a girl unknown to anyone. Waking up in a strange house (then it turns out that this girl's father's house), you know one thing, that the planetary system still will not allow anyone to fly. Therefore, you have a new task - to destroy the system!


Run and shoot the enemies. By the way, zombies better to die when hit in the head. Do not forget to pick up a coin that will pour out of the living dead, that they replenish their military arsenal in the game store. Find secret places at the levels there may be a hidden unique weapons and special trophies and useful bonuses, such as increased health or treatment. In this part of the game, there is one drawback - the weak capacity of the melee, but you just do not have to worry about the number of rounds, as the coins will simply pour in on you from all sides. From the very beginning of the game will not let you relax, even starting with the first level you will be given the enemy several times stronger than you. So grab a rifle and ammunition stocked forward to save the galaxy!

Source: GamesOnlines