How to increase the kitchen at the expense of balconies | Tips

Most cherished dream of every good housewife - a large, comfortable kitchen. Unfortunately, the same type of high-rise buildings is difficult to realize such a dream into reality.

How to increase the kitchen at the expense of balconies | Tips

But there is a house where there is a large loggia. And when you combine the kitchen with a loggia, the dream would be feasible. It should be just a little effort and finances.

Standard loggia is about 5 - 6 square meters. You need to very carefully think about the space organization. It should present what will be the interior of the kitchen. Maybe this will help magazines and development.

Usually not a loggia insulated. Therefore, before we get to the increase in food due to a loggia it is important to install metal windows. Repaired all the cracks in the walls. Next important stage - floor screed. In order to successfully cope with the work, it is necessary to consider the process, and it is better to invite experts. Ties are 4 types: dry, cement and sand, self-leveling, combined. The solution was poured onto the prepared surface thickness of 25 - 45 mm. To tie froze requires 24 hours at least.

On the wall is fixed profile, put a heater, and the top is covered with plasterboard. It is necessary to make the advance hole outlet. Do not forget the closets and shelves. Not an easy process - a conclusion to the loggia sewer and water pipes. Necessarily have to fit in with the housing inspection. Sewer pipes laid on the kitchen diameter of not less than 55 mm. sewerage system hidden under boxes of plasterboard. In order to derive the loggia water supply pipe, it is necessary to make a hole in the wall and to lay the pipe connecting one end of a water supply system. The same procedure should be carried out with hot water.

Over the place where it will be sink and stove, laid tile. On the floor is spread laminate or tile. The walls are painted or wallpaper glue on them. Loggia is gradually becoming a kitchen. We can only think about what furniture will be placed here. This stage should be given into the hands of the hostess. After all, most of the time she spends it in the kitchen.

Kitchen on the balcony is a courageous, useful and beautiful solution. In a world where everyone is trying to be better than others, the number of ideas for the interior design of a huge amount. Gradually fading standard small kitchen and a balcony, where going to trash. And the alteration of loggias in the kitchen more and stronger part of the practice. Correct and efficient use of every square meter in the apartment must be able to each. Especially that the increase in the kitchen due to the loggia is not so complicated.