Types and proxy appointment | computers

It is not always prudent to visit Internet sites with its own assigned IP provider. In some cases it is necessary to ensure the anonymity of visiting, to hide your real IP-address. Make it quite realistic, if you use a proxy service.

Types and proxy appointment | computers

He will act as an intermediary between your PC and the server, which from your PC will be sent a request. That is, after forming a request to the PC user information packet first goes to a proxy server, where the received packet is processed, compressed, and has a different IP is sent to the recipient. Then, the flow of information goes in the opposite direction. This ensures anonymous surfing and generally any action in the network. Let us see what are the different types and their proxy appointment.

Assign the proxy

Elite Proxy

What network users can use the proxy, know all network administrators, and not everyone likes this situation. Therefore, in case of detection of IP spoofing fact you can block access to the visited resources. If you do not want this to happen, you must use the IP elite, they work as follows. After contact data proxy server to a PC user it is assigned to an elite IP, which contains all the standard information. Because of this it is impossible to determine that you went to the site by not his ID. This not only provides a complete surf anonymously, but in some cases it is very useful. For example, when locking the problem can be overcome account by logging in to your account from a different IP. Thus, we can conclude that elite proxies have many advantages, but at the same time they have one major drawback - the high cost.

Anonymous Proxy

Not always when surfing is an elite proxy may be required in the network. In many cases it will be enough to purchase anonymous proxies, which are very cheap, but, despite this, are able to completely hide the real user data. Unlike anonymous and elite proxy is that all concerned will know that you deliberately hid your real IP-address. But at the same time your data can not be read. Therefore, if the administration of the resource does not matter that it is visited by anonymous users, there are no sanctions for IP spoofing is not followed.