GoPro for skiers and snowboarders | Miscellaneous

Shooting on the GoPro in different environments require different preparation. If you enjoy winter sports, you will be helpful to a few simple secrets that will help improve the quality of your photos and videos.

GoPro for skiers and snowboarders | Miscellaneous

Tips for shooting

Snowboarding or ski accompanied by strong vibrations, even though a good camera stabilization. Taking into account all the peculiarities of shooting in such conditions, we have identified the following rules:

Shoot the stick. If the camera is attached to the hand you can not avoid "hunting" of the image. Stick function as additional stabilization. Than it will be longer, the calmer and better will be your record. The optimal length of the stick - about 1 meter.

Remove from the first person. Another good option for this situation, but it is not suitable for all moments. Fix the camera on the helmet, you need to consider the fact that you often move your head. Because of this and the shots will turn out not the best. Therefore, do it in a more quiet moments. Skiers can take off in the first person is also using the attachment on the chest, it will provide a calmer perspective.

Mount. When shooting in extreme conditions is very important to mount the camera well, otherwise you can lose it very quickly. If you cling to the camera on the helmet, you can do this with the help of Velcro or screws. The second option, of course, more reliable, but there is a drawback - you have to traumatize the helmet. In order to firmly secure the Velcro is needed:

  • Mount Cook in advance - clings Velcro somewhere for the day, before going to use the camera;
  • Wipe with alcohol a location to mount GoPro, to degrease it.
  • well-designed place to be to hang the camera, because it is impossible to fix.

For shooting on skis or a snowboard The following accessories are ideal:

  • monopod - will remove the close-ups of himself or his companion at close range;
  • Curved Adhesive Mount - very comfortable headband;
  • A polarizing filter - white snow, especially in the sun will provide extra light. This filter helps to align the brightness and contrast of the picture, making it more saturated.

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