Why redden eyes? | health and beauty

In some people's eyes turn red so often that they simply stopped paying attention to it. However, it is wrong. After red-eye directly indicate that the body of experiencing strain.

Why redden eyes? | health and beauty

To get rid of this problem you need to find the cause of eye redness and eliminate it polngostyu.

Here are the three most common causes of red eyes:

The load on the eyes. Regular exposure to the computer, as well as TV on the eyes and hard work in poorly lit environments contribute to eye redness. To get rid of this cause give your eyes a rest. Try to sleep more. At the end of the day make a cold compress on the eyes, while working, try each hour to do a warm-up for the eyes. Contact Lenses. They can be podobranny wrong or you wear them for too long. Also affects the quality of care for the lenses. Maybe you are doing something wrong. And all this can lead to eye redness. It's pretty easy to fix. Just start properly care for the lenses, and do not ignore the advice of a doctor.

Microtrauma eyes. In other words, the ingress of dust or other small item sprofotsirovalo microtrauma, and this in turn has led to the appearance of redness. Simply remove what gets into your eyes, wash it by. If you do it does not work, consult a doctor.