Ossetian pies - delicious and healthy | recipes

Among the cuisines of the world there are some very strong resemblance to our Slavic cuisine. To those include the Caucasian cuisine.

Ossetian pies - delicious and healthy | recipes

Therefore, our people enthusiastically embraced the online cooking portal, offering not only Ossetian dishes to order, but also involved in their delivery. there was a great opportunity to diversify the diet due to this type of service. Plus to this, a large number of women have an opportunity to release while standing at the stove, cook their own lunches and family dinners.

Ossetian pies - a real trend in delivery of finished food

Today the Ossetian cuisine is incredibly popular. The reason for this lies in the culinary traditions of the Caucasian peoples. Their cuisine served in the most prestigious and elite restaurants are always home-tasty and appetizing. Traditional Ossetian pies prepared with a variety of fillings. The man who at least once they try it, they remain a fan forever.

Caucasian cuisine includes many dishes of goat cheese, goat's or cow's cheese. The Ossetian pies and cheese is present. The most unusual and common filling in cakes Ossetians is beet tops, which our chefs never use. And in vain do it, because its flavor in the cake is quite original. Craftswomen family bakery "gourmet" cook cakes for our customers with the following types of fillings:

  • minced meat and cheese;
  • mushrooms and cheese;
  • onion and cheese;
  • chicken and cheese;
  • beet leaves, herbs and cheese;
  • chicken, mushrooms and cheese;
  • cabbage;
  • potatoes and mushrooms;
  • zucchini and herbs;
  • potatoes;
  • sweet apple filling;
  • sweet cherry filling;
  • pumpkin.

Additional services and events

The portal, which is the home range of the Ossetian baking services provides its customers all kinds of promotions and discounts. For example, ordering food via a special mobile application "Gourmet" client will receive a discount of up to 10% on all meals provided on site. Make it through the order has become even more convenient. At a certain time a special offer - "Lemonade for free." Every order will be added Ossetian pies free lemonade. During holidays, the customer has the opportunity to use the Service to 21-00. You can pay in the on-line by credit card. payment page on the site meets all the strict requirements of security and privacy.