How to plan a family budget. Method 4 envelopes. | Tips

For proper financial management in the family there is a method 4 envelopes.

How to plan a family budget. Method 4 envelopes. | Tips

of the family budget should be stable. To do this, you need to create a backup or force majeure fund. Economists believe that the 3-month family income enough to unforeseen situations are not caught you by surprise. Monthly for replenishment of the reserve fund must be sent up to 10% of earnings. It is safest to keep the fund in the bank for deposit.

Remaining after the transfer to the bank the amount of income can be divided into envelopes. Buy envelopes without marks of white color. The envelope must write out what the money and the amount of money. You take the money, subtract them and write the remainder. Put money - add them to the remainder.

  • Envelope №1. Mandatory spending. Payment for utilities, rent or mortgage payments on loans, the costs of transportation or gasoline. Also included are costs for children (groups, sections), payment of the gym (shaping, swimming pool). The sum of these costs is known in advance, they are not difficult to predict and can be written on the envelope.
  • Envelope № 2. Upcoming spending. You can plan in advance expenses for vacation, insurance and maintenance of the machine. You can save money for the planned purchase of household appliances and repairs, for expensive clothes. The tax office, we go and see once a year, and the money can be postponed in advance. On the envelope, write down how much money and for what purpose you have set aside.
  • Envelope number 3. Daily expenses. These costs are to be calculated. Decide how much money you spend on food and small purchases in the week. The envelope should be the amount of money increased by 4 times. It may be that the money from the monthly salary remained much less. So, you are living beyond your means. Try before going to the store to make a list of products. Avoid supermarket. You'll see that spend less steel. The envelope must be always recorded the remaining amount of money.
  • You may pay with a bank card in the store. Can your spending, and the remaining balance is taken into account in a notebook or on a computer. Let it be also a kind of envelope, just e-mail.
  • Envelope number 4

    . Money on entertainment and hobbies. Try to get the envelope is not empty. Going to the cinema, concerts, leisure park, leave the city will entertain you and dispel the sad thoughts about saving the family budget.