Products and the environment | Nature

Modern ecological situation in the world is so deplorable that one can only wonder how people manage to survive in such devastating circumstances. The most vulnerable to the impact of external factors foodstuffs. Thus, the major sources of contamination are pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, chemical preservatives and artificial colorants.

Products and the environment | Nature

Any vegetables and fruits, which are used for growing chemicals are polluted. Gradually, with the growth of plants accumulate toxic and can poison a man, hitting him on the table. Considerable harm to health and are semi-finished products, as used in their manufacture artificial additives.

Modern products contain many harmful substances, nitrates, pesticides, herbicides and carcinogens. What can you say about all kinds of dyes and all sorts of flavor enhancer. In addition, a person after consuming these products will earn food poisoning in his body may develop hepatitis, or cancer of the gene mutation. Preservatives, e.g., destroy gut flora, while supplements are deposited on the liver and cause stomach disease.

To protect themselves from the harmful effects can, however, have to follow important rules.

  • First, it is necessary to abandon the use of products intended for long-term storage. These include sausages, cheeses, sauces and drinks. If you give up completely of any product is not possible, it should be possible to reduce the amount of its consumption.
  • Secondly, the table should be excluded-store canned foods, replacing them with house preparations.
  • In the third place, the purchase of fruits and vegetables is best carried out in one and the same seller, reliable and honest.
  • Finally, it is necessary to abandon the acquisition of imported products, the carriage of which requires special handling harmful composition.

Do not assume that products intended for a healthy diet and organic products is the equivalent of the concept. Thus, an environmentally friendly product that is considered to be a product in the manufacture of which all the safety requirements have been strictly complied with. For example, clean pork can not be used for healthy food because of its high fat content.

Also all kinds of vitamin cocktails and other innovations can not be produced according to ecological standards. Healthy eating, including the use of skimmed milk and other products manufactured using modern technologies, is not considered beneficial from an environmental point of view.

Today, the market appears more and more functional products, so-called "BUD". These new products include our extraction of vegetable and animal origin. Biologically Active Additives are designed to return to normal metabolic processes in the body, affect the physiology and immunity.

Often in the functional foods include soy and its derivatives, lecithin, proteins and fibers. Today, these components are increasingly found in pasta, sausage, mayonnaise, minced meat and milk.

Fight for health is necessary, so the daily diet should include food, clean from an ecological point of view. Thus, the western fighters for the environment even created special shops selling only organic products. leading position long occupied the milk among the useful products. While this product and believes 100% natural, now increasingly in cattle feed fall hormones and artificial additives. Cleaner milk enriched with vitamin E, also in its composition includes antioxidants and fatty acids.

Storehouse of protein - eggs - in itself an environmentally friendly product. However, the power of modern chickens raises many questions. If the hens are raised in the home, the use of their priceless eggs.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of potatoes for which the fertilizer, however, raise questions about its sustainability. Often the pesticides contained in mixtures for spraying potato leaves, but after the leaves harmful substances get into the tubers and are a threat to human health.

Serious enemy of fruits and berries - fungicide - a chemical used to kill fungal spores of harmful bacteria. Grapes, as well as pears, exposed to the fungicide, which adversely affects the ecological background.

The juicy and sweet strawberries often contain large amounts of pesticides. All of the chemicals that are managed for pests and diseases. There were no apples here and the treatment of which also has a negative impact on human health. Experts advise to choose the store only apples that have traces of eating worm. After all, the worms will not eat poisoned apples.