Do I need to get rid of the frogs? | Fazenda

In fact, they do not harm, but on the contrary - benefit vegetation in the area. Many owners want to have them on the ground vodilos more amphibians. After all, they destroy a large number of insects, including noxious.

Do I need to get rid of the frogs? | Fazenda

Gray toad, for example, eats a red and black ant myrmica that contribute to reproduction of aphids on trees and bushes. it also consumes 40 Colorado potato beetle insects and their larvae per day (assuming that no other feed).

Willing to warn that attempts to get rid of sulfur and spadefoot toads can be futile if the site is located in the river flood plain, near the reservoir reproduction amphibian or in areas of high soil moisture. Otherwise it is possible to take measures described below for disposal of toads.

Getting rid of the frogs

Your site appears to be heavily planted with shrubs, and it is quite humid, which creates habitats for frogs. It is therefore necessary to regroup and shrubs lift (optional) on the lower branches of the support, to avoid creating air stagnation at the base of each plant. Avoid planting in groups or curbs.

Place your order on the plot, to avoid potential shelter for amphibians (laying planks, inverted flat stones, cans and so on. D.).

In the dry summer irrigation is not in a hurry with his or Moderate to a minimum at least a week and a half.

Dispose of all areas with stagnant water.

The most radical means - set the concrete wall around the site without a gap height of at least 50-70 cm.

To be sure, should expel toads and from under the house.

To do this, on the periphery of the housing must be installed on the concrete-bridges without gaps in abutment to the foundation.

Caulk all cracks in the foundation abutment to the ground and close to the autumn period (from the beginning of September) all the ventilation holes in the foundation.

That's a toad walks on the site: