Check the uniqueness of the logo | Business and Finance

What is a logo? It is symbolic, literal or other image, which is designed to work on visual memory clients and customers. If the product or service is trustworthy and quality at a high level, then any user of the abundance of similar products can easily navigate by recognizable and memorable logo.

Check the uniqueness of the logo | Business and Finance

However, it should be remembered that organizations, companies and firms a huge amount, and, sooner or later each one creates its own style and displays it in the logo, so before you use any logo, whether it be invented in-house or developed by the designers, it is necessary pass its uniqueness verification process. The easiest way to entrust this work to professionals Patent Office on site.

Why should you do this? Suppose an organization has long been on the market of certain products, let it be chocolate. And on each tile brightly and colorfully depicts the logo of the company. At the same time products are in demand, and there is no release from the buyers. But the logo is not registered, that is, in fact, there is no documentation on the exclusive right of ownership of this symbol. What can the competitors? They will copy the existing mark before "owning company" will register it. Or release a little cheaper chocolates and slightly modified logo in such a way that the difference can be seen only upon close examination. And we get as a result of customer churn. Competitors use almost the same logo and make cheaper products. Only timely traversed procedure for checking the uniqueness of the logo and further registration will be able to protect it from a possible collapse of the business (if you take into account the consequences of this incident). One way out of this situation could be an appeal to site to check the uniqueness of the logo, as well as for its subsequent registration, if necessary.

What are the pros appeal to a specialized patent office?

  • The first response to the request will most often be obtained within a day, and possibly even earlier.
  • In the second place, if it turns out that the chosen logo is already occupied, the experts desk can help to find several options for changing to the logo was able to complete the registration process.
  • In the third place, if there are no more obstacles to the registration, the Office will calculate the amount of the lawyers of the state fee and to issue the necessary documents.