How to take credit for the car | Cars

Afford to buy a car today can not every resident of Russia. However, to buy a car on credit by virtue of many. The popularity of the loan on the car, despite the crisis is growing. Moreover, the loan can be taken not only in the new vehicle, but also on a used car. Here it is worth noting that by the age of the machine meet the following requirements: it must not be more than six or seven years.

How to take credit for the car | Cars

Mostly banks issue credit for a period of one to eight years. As part of the interest education policy this type of loan is the same as fellow: the less time and amount, the lower the percentage. The minimum proportion of initial installment, usually from 10%.

There are two main ways of obtaining credit:

Directly to the bank. The rate will be less, but the hassle anymore.

In the showroom, to cooperate with the bank. The rate may be higher, but the procedure is simpler.

In both cases, the end-to-maturity car loan will be considered property of the bank.

Getting Started

Start getting credit standing with the market analysis of credit institutions and their suggestions. Learn the most popular banks and their interest rates on auto loans, special offers and so on. In this case, go to the website of each bank is not necessary. Now, there are many aggregators that will compare the available deals on the parameters of interest to you on a single resource.

You can not waste your time and use the service car dealership. The staff will offer active programs with the actual date parameters. However, it should be borne in mind that the proposal would be limited to the number of those banks, which cooperates Motor Show.

The main advantage of "salon" lending is efficiency in the decision on the transaction. You'll spend more time on choosing a car than the lending bank, using the car dealership services. In this case, a bank you will have a decent wait.

Getting a loan at the bank.

If you do decide to act on their own, then here is a list of key documents, which the bank has the right to ask you: a passport and a copy of all its pages

driver's license

certificate INN

employment contract or a copy of the work book

Also, the bank will ask you to fill in the application form.

All this is necessary to determine the lender bank solvency. It is likely that the bank's employees will call you at work, make sure that you are an employee of the company, and that you do not plan to fire in a short time.


Today banks offer different loan options. Among the "special offers" credits issued on one or two documents. In this regard, it must be remembered that the loan always carries a certain risk for the bank. And the greater the risk, the higher the insurance bank must currently provide. In the case of a loan, it is expressed as a percentage rate. Therefore, if you to not require anything other than a passport, think: maybe loan will act increased the interest rate.