Programs for computer optimization | computers

Most modern PCs run on Windows operating systems, and even the latest version of this operating system have become much more stable work with Windows still time begins to become clogged with unnecessary information and slow down.

Programs for computer optimization | computers

This is true even if you are using a PC very carefully, properly remove all the software from your computer, use Antivirus.

But do not worry, the way out of this situation is. Especially for this created a lot of programs to clean, optimize and speed up PC on Windows. In this section we have picked the best free programs to help you set up your computer to maximum performance. All our proposed programs are running on Windows 7, 8, 10 and of course XP.

Free programs to optimize your PC

  1. CCleaner

    CCleaner is perhaps the best-known application to configure a computer running Windows, Android and Mac.

  2. Revo Uninstaller

    Revo Uninstaller - is used instead of the standard tools of Windows to remove the programs. It produces better removal of applications and files. In addition to removing more has lots of features to increase your computer's performance.

  3. Glary Utilities

    Glary Utilities has in its composition a huge number of tools to improve the reliability and speed up the system.

  4. Razer Game Booster

    Razer Game Booster. This program will be indispensable for gamers. Razer Game Booster will increase the speed of the games and various multimedia applications.