Crafts from cereals (15 photos) | Do it yourself

Catching up with the child at home, you can find a lot of interesting and joint exercises. Apart from watching cartoons and games in modern games, you can also do crafts. Crafts can be different - from vegetables crafts, origami crafts, crafts dough or crafts cereals. On the last hand-made articles will be our article.

Making crafts with your child from cereals - you develop your child imagination, perseverance, fine motor skills and attention. Just such artefacts cause the child interest and joy.

In order to make a kid crafts of cereal with your hands do not need much, enough to have on hand glue, various cereals, a pencil, paper and cardboard or brush.

Draw on a piece of the desired image (at your option) - any animal, nature, etc...

How to make crafts from cereals for the kids?

Prepare the container for the adhesive. Pour it in there.

Spread the desired area with glue and sprinkle the right rump to this place.

Continue doing this until the whole picture will not be ready. If you have used for the manufacture of handicrafts is one kind of cereal you can not release a picture of the areas can be filled grains whole picture at once.

With a little imagination and ready to hack! Together with the groats can be used and other materials, such as seeds, noodles, nuts and the like. D.

Crafts from cereals and pasta.

Crafts from cereals (15 photos) | Do it yourself

Crafts from seeds and grains.

Crafts from cereals (15 photos) | Do it yourself

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