Marriage to a foreigner - legal nuances | Business and Finance

In our globalized world, relations with other countries are not uncommon. Someone looking for a life partner abroad specifically, someone is fate. But if these relations are serious, sooner or later the question of marriage. And here there are certain legal nuances to be aware of.

Marriage to a foreigner - legal nuances | Business and Finance

Recall that the Russian force has only a marriage made to the registrar. Church ceremony has no legal significance. For marriage with foreigners on the territory of the Russian Federation must be mutual consent of the spouses, the age of 18 (at variable spouses marriage is possible, and with 16 years), as well as the absence of reasons preventing the marriage. These include family relationships, incapacity of a spouse. Another possible obstacle - not a broken marriage.

Relative to the age limit, you must make a reservation. Established by the Family Code of the Russian Federation age limit applies to the Russians. The other spouse is under the jurisdiction of their country of citizenship. In the US, the age of consent is set at the state level, and is 15 to 21 years. Least of all the problems with Ecuador. The young men there could be men of 14 years old, girls are allowed to marry a 12-year-olds.

Legislation in some countries are able to present surprises. For example, in some states it is necessary permission to marry the local government body, or the engagement of parents blessing. Such requirements must be combined with the rules provided by the laws of the Russian Federation. Each of the spouses must be free from any other marriage relationship. To ensure this, the Russian registry office must request the appropriate help at the consulate.

The certificate must be issued in Russian. Or, as an alternative, it must be attached translation into Russian.

Where to translate?

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