How to improve the functionality of the vehicle? | Cars

Xado Motor oils consist of two main components - the base oils and additives. Basic products guarantee the quality of lubricants, and additives to improve the characteristics of the original material.

How to improve the functionality of the vehicle? | Cars

In fact, the number of additional components and properties depend on the product, as well as its durability and reliability.

What additives are used in avtomasla Hado

Automotive lubricants Xado products can be designed for different situations. Depending on the car, mileage and driving method selected and goods. And according to the intended use of products varies, and the presence of certain additives.

In avtomasla often mixed with additives of this type:

  • Viscosity;
  • Wear;
  • Cleaning.

Presented additives are used in virtually all lubricants. Viscous components allow product to change its consistency under different temperatures. Oil at lower temperature set, and vice versa in summer becomes liquid, losing the lubricating film. The additives make it possible to produce year-round, except for freezing and oil dilution. At the same time, on the amount of components added depends on the period of use of the lubricant. Some are designed for temperatures down to -40 degrees, while others are suitable for use in the southern regions, where the maximum temperature in winter is -10, -15 degrees. Anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-friction additives reduce friction, wear and tear parts. Furthermore, they prevent the development of burrs on the surfaces of mechanisms. With a stable lubricating film, Xado engine oil saves spare engine system from premature failure.

Cleaning additives eliminates the formation of adverse deposits on the walls of the metal parts. During operation of the engine sludge and varnish are formed, which cause a further development of corrosion and rust. Automotive lubricants of this type is washed undesirable formation, providing engine cleanliness.

In addition, the engine oil Hado often added to anti-corrosion additives. Their task is to protect the vehicle from the education and development of corrosion on the walls of the metal parts. Increasingly, such additives can be found in the product, which provides additional protection.

Also, often in avtomasla Hado, which are designed to operate in extreme conditions, you can meet the antioxidant components, anti, depressant. Presented additives provide improved protection at high engine loads the engine. There are also fuel-saving additives, and other help to improve the vehicle's functionality.