Where twill tape used | Other

Twill tape is an original tape of a variety of materials. The most widely used it has acquired in the consumer industry, but is also used in the office, with cable and electrical work.

Where twill tape used | Other

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Varieties and purpose twill tape

Posted online products are polyester, cotton (semi-silk, silk, viscose) of special fabric braid whose width is 8-50 mm. This textile strip with the inclusion of certain types of plastics can be:

  • with a twill weave or diagonal;
  • Plain or bleaching;
  • harsh.

The basis of twill tape, which you can buy wholesale and retail at an affordable price, at the expense of weaves has a higher density than other similar products. The thickness of the above it is also due to the application of the thicker filaments. In creating products presented it can be used not only cotton but also other natural and synthetic fabrics, as well as tires. In light industry, they are used to outline the edges of the seams in outer clothing, sewing of uniforms, workwear, creation of equipment for fishermen, workers, the army and so on. A popular decoration of textiles (bed linen, curtains, towels, etc.) Of the tape. Designers and manufacturers make their multi-colored, monochrome, satin, linen, twill, melkouzorchatymi, openwork or fleecy coating. The buyer will be able to find any kind of satisfying its requirements. In services, they are used with powerful ironing machine for smooth cutting off the linen during ironing. products also have been used in:

  • garden work (garter greenhouse plants);
  • packing of goods;
  • advertising (printing logos and inscriptions);
  • manufacture of office supplies (ribbons on folders);
  • bookbinding;
  • the implementation of cable and wiring operations.

Features of the acquisition of goods in online store

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