Secrets of women's notebook, or a recommendation for "whimsical" winter clothing | Fashion & Style

Every woman has a book where she gathers the best recipes. Ensure the consistency and regularity of the collection of recipes can not recharge. Sometimes even book begins collecting dust in the attic.

Secrets of women's notebook, or a recommendation for

or until daughter did not find helpful tips from his mother. Meet the best advice of my mother's books on caring for a winter coat.

Caring for "skittish" and practical products

The first season of fashion women's winter wool coat made of natural fibers. Among the models emit expensive products and classic budget options. For moody materials include cashmere.

Cashmere fabric is sensitive to moisture, moody when leaving. After a light rain is enough to hang a coat on a hanger. Heavy snow will soak the coat stronger. This would require removal prior to the expanded form of excess water on terry towels, and just after that dosushit on hangers.

Another problem in the transitional time of year, or an unsuccessful winter can become dirty. Difficult spots recommended to withdraw at the dry cleaners. If desired, the problem can be dealt with independently. Before washing, examine the label carefully. Some cashmere products can not be washed. But basically allowed delicate wash at 30 degrees. Characterized by practicality during wear quality wool coat that does not crumple. Small creases and folds in the fabric can be eliminated in a room with high humidity in the bathroom, for example. The house with the shaggy pets becomes a tragedy wool clothing. Collect villi can be brushed with a sticky surface.

Wool coat washed without soaking. After washing the product can be overcome. And be sure to soak up the moisture, spread a coat on a towel. Woolen garments ironed through cheesecloth from the wrong side.

For undemanding tissues include drape. However, this product could not bear washing in the washing machine. Pollution from the coat cleaned manually. This can be done tacky roller or a stiff brush. To apply a coat of thick cloth drying the same rules after getting wet, as for other woolen products. The wet wool garments to prevent deformation dried in the expanded form.

And in the mother's book with recipes hidden coordinates reliable manufacturer winter coat, Citta D`Arte, for example, dry cleaning. Mom is not bad advise. Live today and enjoy every moment.