Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

Those who consider the small size of the bust of a serious fault, seriously wrong. A great many holders of such busts are considered the standard of beauty, and regularly tops the list of the most beautiful women in the world.

Numerous opinion polls, which are conducted among men also show that most breast does not mean that women recognize beauty.

We offer a look at the pictures of famous owners of miniature busts.

Keira Knightley

Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

Keira Knightley is the owner of the title of one of the most beautiful women in the world and an extremely small bust. But from complexes about it she just did not give - it regularly enters into advertising contracts and is the face of the fragrance Chanel Mademoiselle. On set, she had to appear naked, and it's also never caused her the slightest inconvenience.

When Cyrus starred in "Pirates of the Caribbean", then her chest imposed special makeup to visually increase the size. In make-up it took nearly half an hour. But for many other successful roles such "special effects" was not necessary.

Milla Jovovich

Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

Milla Jovovich - a successful actress, model and fashion designer, also does not have the curvaceous. And this natural, natural fragility has also become her calling card, and does not hurt to play fantastic beauties in movies and decorate with photos of famous magazines. Since 1998, Milla is the face of L'Oreal. After giving birth, a figure Milla Jovovich has not lost its former grace, but only became a little more feminine.

Natalie Portman

Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

A graduate of Harvard, winner of a bachelor's degree in psychology and numerous film awards (including the "Oscar" for best actress) Natalie Portman very long stated its categorical unwillingness to appear nude. But in 2007, director Wes Anderson did manage to persuade the actress to appear on the big screen in the costume of Eve. About his work in the short-length erotic film (the film lasts 13 minutes all) Natalie Porman responded quite contradictory. In one interview, she announced her remorse, had given himself to be persuaded to participate, but others say that working with Anderson brought her great joy. All this only further aroused interest in the film the audience.

Paris Hilton

Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

The famous socialite Paris Hilton and skandalistka without possessing smart looks, however, makes a good career model and actress. With the growth of 173 cm from her small breast size, but the 41 th shoe size, but it does not prevent her from working with such agencies as the model T Managemen, Ford Models Management, Models 1 Agency, Nous Model Management and Premier Model Management.

Paris Hilton appears regularly in commercials, and in glossy magazines, starred in reality TV shows and movies. It is also a good income it brings production of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and own line of hair extensions. In short, Paris Hilton has clearly inherited the business acumen of his famous grandfather.

Kristen Stewart

Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

The first major Hollywood film of the actress was "Panic Room", where Kristen played Jodie Foster's daughter heroine. But the real fame descended on her after the role of Bella Swan in the film, Catherine Hardwicke's "Twilight."

Although Kristen can not boast of any curvaceous or abundance of prestigious awards, in 2010 she got into the top ten highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, earning a 28 year, $ 5 million. And now everyone is talking that the likely forthcoming marriage Kristen and Robert squash, although official comment on the matter yet.

Ksenia Sobchak

Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

In Russia, perhaps, there is no man who does not know Ksenia Sobchak. The specific appearance and small breasts did not prevent her to pose for glossy magazines, to conduct the reality show, and have all the time in the spotlight.

Kate Moss

Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

For all its miniature parameters Kate Moss very successfully making a career of supermodel and actress. The business model it has got 14 years, and according to her while she was upset because of their too the subtle appearance. But the collaboration with Calvin Klein quickly brought her to the first ranks of supermodels, and the reasons for the disorder was much less.

Many of the photographs she appears topless and nude. In the 1990s, when designers are extremely fond of overly skinny and gaunt facial features, Kate Moss was at the peak of popularity. In 2000, Kate became the highest paid model in the world. Photos of Kate Moss often adorned the cover of the most prestigious fashion magazines: Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Glamour.

Kirsten Dunst

Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

In 1995, the "People" magazine included Kirsten Dunst in its list of 50 most beautiful people in the world, although it during the filming sometimes had to resort to a little trick to increase the visual bust. Thus, in the third part of the movie Spider-Man "The enemy of reflection" she had to wear a bra with special pads. But during the fashion shows (Kirsten Dunst also a model) Kirsten demonstrates the most revealing outfits already without any extra tricks.

Kate Hudson

Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

The fragile blonde Kate Hudson crazy many famous beauties and appreciate women. Some of her novels have been very turbulent. For example, when she decided to break up with actor Owen Wilson, he almost committed suicide. However, in the end, they still have left. Kate Hudson said many times, it is quite satisfied with her appearance, and change anything, and especially do not want to increase. By the same time, spare miniature figure - this Kate Hudson is convinced, having before our eyes the example of his mother Goldie Hawn, which still retained the beautiful forms. Indeed, why change something if Kate Hudson falls regularly in the list of most beautiful people in the world, just not changing anything.

Renee Zellweger

Top 10 famous owners of miniature busts

Renee Zellweger - a real record for rapid recruitment and dropping weight. To play Bridget Jones, actress twice was not afraid to gain 13 kilos of extra weight. One must have a lot of courage, so to experiment on himself. Especially because for a long time to leave with you the luxury "Rubens" actress was not going to form.

Everyone knows that "the descent considerably harder than the rise", and rapid weight loss can be very detrimental and the figure (especially on the chest), and on health. But to work on the third part of "Bridget Jones's Diary," Renee Zellweger is preparing to repeat this risky experiment with his looks.