Recipes on weekends - Okroshka

• The recipes on weekends - Okroshka

Hash - the summer soup. What could be better in the heat than a plate of soup and cool, and under ice vodka ... But the second is optional.

Recipes on weekends - Okroshka

For the preparation of desirable okroshechny special brew. Many I have tried all sorts of kvass, but better than that done in the Chuvash Republic, had not yet met.

Recommend another home brew. But to be honest, it taste sour some. I never caught delicious.

As the authors of the book "Technology of cooking. Textbook for technical colleges catering outlets "(authors Kovalev NI, Salnikov LK, publishing house" Economy ", Moscow, 1978), besides kvass okroshka basic ingredients - cucumbers and green onions.

In addition, the composition may include boiled meats (lean meat, ham and sausage), boiled potatoes in their skins, radishes. Hash may be of different types, depending on the set of meat products (meat, meat team, venison, veal and so on. D.) And vegetables (excluding potatoes, vegetables potatoes, turnips, radish and turnip). We will prepare the meat, potatoes and radishes.

On a bunch of radishes, we need to:

Recipes on weekends - Okroshka

- Lean meat (I took the boiled pork) - 300 gr.

- Eggs boiled hard-boiled - 3 pieces.

- potatoes boiled in their skins - 2 pcs.

- Mustard spicy - 3 tsp.

- Cucumber - 3 pieces.

- Chives - beam (about 200 gr.)

- Dill - half beam

- salt, sugar to taste

- Sour cream - 1 tbsp. teaspoon per serving

Cucumbers peeled. It is important to check whether the end of the dark bitter, or hash will be ruined. Cut or julienned or diced. We shift into a bowl of cucumbers, a little prisalivaem.

Recipes on weekends - Okroshka

The eggs and potatoes is better to boil the night before. We separate the egg yolks from the whites. Yolks triturated with mustard, two large pinches salt and about half a teaspoon of sugar.

Recipes on weekends - Okroshka

The proteins of eggs, radishes, potatoes, meat, cut into small cubes

Recipes on weekends - Okroshka

shinkuem green onions, sprinkle with salt and very gently frays hands. Onions need to chop finely, but I did not succeed. Painfully onions so caught sturdy. It's a pity it was smaller.

Recipes on weekends - Okroshka

shinkuem dill. The smell of dill summer I always feel dizzy - so excited. By the way, do not miss the season. Buy 3-4 beam, so here shred in the package carefully and in the freezer. Winter in soups and stir-fry add - summer scent immediately feel.

Recipes on weekends - Okroshka

All of our ingredients except the eggs and mustard, mix in a separate bowl. It would be good to hold in the refrigerator for an hour. By the way, if you got a lot, then tuck residues such as mayonnaise. Here you have "winter salad" in the summer of interpretation. Again, okroshka convenient to take with you to the cottage, on the environment. Shift the ingredients in a jar with a tight lid and pour kvas have a picnic.

Recipes on weekends - Okroshka

We spread portions on plates, pour kvass cold, sprinkle the egg with mustard (depending on the love of the Island) and add the sour cream.

Recipes on weekends - Okroshka Recipes on weekends - Okroshka

Stir and enjoy. Bon Appetit!

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