Relationship - Suffering

"Suffering can not be avoided - they can only be overcome", - said a wise man. And what about those who go to the mental anguish consciously, being armed with the necessary information and making sure that it is absolutely prepared for the inevitable pain in one case, or not confident in the possibility of upcoming tests in the other? People with giperrazvitoy thrust for the suffering - is not fiction and not nonsense. On them will be discussed in this article.

Relationship - Suffering

In many religions of the world are suffering the shortest path of the soul to a place in heaven - probably familiar to you is such a thing as a "catharsis", literally meaning "purification of suffering."

Except that individuals who exhibit pathological craving for mental sufferings, hardly be guided by the principle of data, dreaming of eternity. The reasons are much deeper and to understand them, you should be familiar with the categories of the so-called "martyrs", for many of whom the word "suffering" has become something of a role.

"Doubting Thomas"

These people are always warning others perceive a negative connotation.

For example, a young man in love with a girl begins to meet her, and friends say it: it changes men like gloves, be disappointed, after all, leave you. The guy does not believe, considering that the buddies are just jealous of him, because any one of them would not mind to have such a treasure.

When the warning comes true, he blames the incident is not their lack of trust in relation to the words of others (and in fact no smoke without fire, in most cases, as we know, does not happen), not his indiscretion, and the girl, which turned dishonest, and more ever friends, saying that I wished evil - and it happened.

But there is a saying, following which, it is possible to avoid disappointment in someone else in the future and, as a result, the suffering: "Trust, but verify." If the young man in this example navol the subject of his help feeling, taking into account the information received from friends, love, which is usually "blind" cool quickly to let the bitter, but true.

Relationship - Suffering

"seeker / adventurer"

Virtually the same as the group of "Doubting Thomas", with only one difference: the people belonging to this category, in the finals, getting the results of their rash actions in the form of suffering, blames others for what they did not deter him from committed them the same action, although the latter only been doing.

A friend of mine was torn to marry a man who is in every way her humiliated and insulted before the wedding. He explained his fierce desire a lot of love for this man.

Parents and all those who knew insolent, tried to dissuade her friend from committing a fatal mistake, but she did not want to listen to anyone. As a result, the wedding took place, only the marriage fell apart after a few months. The last drop of patience of my girlfriend became wild, but quite natural trick of her husband: during the next quarrel he hit his wife and threatened to close it in the cellar.

Of course, the parents took unlucky daughter. But the mother of destruction she invariably answers and now: "You're to blame - it was necessary to have a good flogging and do not let anywhere. You look, and no nonsense weathered wedding would not have happened. "

Another version of the "seeker / adventurer": the individual is well aware that the relationship, make that he seeks nothing but suffering, he did not bring. But mentally he removes himself from the events of the future, preferring to live in the present day. That is what will happen next, it currently is not particularly interested. Especially before the end of the unknown: maybe nothing wrong and will not happen ...

Relationship - Suffering

"Mother Teresa"

Representatives of this group are different kind heart and a highly developed sense of compassion for his neighbor. They are usually around to share their problems, crying, as they say, in a vest, shifting, thus the stone with his soul for the donor heart. In terms of energy, this is very difficult - to pass through his heart the pain of others. In addition, people classified as "Mother Teresa", as a rule, help to everyone, not only advice and moral support, but in deed. And then to the right to join a well-known law of life: "good intentions pave the road to hell." Or more specifically: "Do good and throw it in the water." Conclusion: do not want suffering, that is, evil - do not do good.

"Eternal thespian"

People with such pathetic "title" of greatest interest, since these entities do not just consciously take the path suffering - but revel in them. They like to feel like a victim, feeling and absorbing fluids thoughtful, sometimes almost reverent compassion emanating from others. Suffering for the people of this group - a kind of image, without which they are - this is not it.

Example. Sergey - a poet. One of those, which a lot of resources on the Internet such as poems. ru, but really talented. His poems are permeated with an acute, sometimes philosophical sadness, sometimes even profound sadness, but with the same romantic notes.

One of the fans once asked why his works are no positive work? At that Sergey said: "Sadness - this is my sister. Me sewn capsule sadness. If you remove it - I die. "

This person is absolutely convinced that it is discouraged - the source of his inspiration. If, however, afford to enjoy life, spirituality and way of muse deserted creative soul.

Frankly, in some ways he's right: a kind of mystery is really inherent in such disposition as sadness. But even for the sake of new poems, in my opinion, the rejection of the possibility to taste the joy of each day - too high a price.

In addition to the categories I have dubbed "sufferers", there are more women / men, to knock about his life with an alcoholic / alcoholic (mainly for children, but it is not always a life-long) or deep disabled. In the case where the parties to such a situation are the "Fathers and Sons", the suffering of the more escape, purely moral convictions. We can only accept what is happening and blame fate or the Creator ...

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the thrust of some people to the suffering of determined character, temperament, degree of stubbornness, lack of thinking about the future, as well as moral principles, external action, and sometimes dependence on people's opinions.

How can win yourself a painful desire?

First, remember once and for all: the man is distinguished from animals that at first thinks and then does, but in any case, not vice versa. In conjectural system Madame Lenormand, I have already mentioned in a previous article, that principle represents the "Moon" card.

Relationship - Suffering

If it is in the scenario card next to the questioner, it should be seen as an appeal to the "need-depth self-analysis, evaluation of their actions and the consequences to which they may lead." Do not forget about your own intuition - said the image of the night of the world - because if you listen to it, you can get very good advice.

Secondly is necessary, taking into account the opinions of others, to act exclusively on the basis of their beliefs. It is understood that the responsibility for your actions rests solely with you, and therefore the blame poor result, you can only yourself.

Third, remember, finally, the Bible. Namely, the story of creation and the first humans exiled from paradise. What happened to Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of curiosity? How did the act of two representatives of the human race in the future fate of humanity as a whole, according to the holy book? The answers to these questions, you know, do not console.

Relationship - Suffering

Therefore, the main conclusion to be drawn from the parable: "The less you know - sleep tight." That is, if deciding on a relationship that probably will bring you to the mountain, but to try and make a negative or, alternatively, a positive final uncontrollably want, think about whether you need knowledge, which are nothing but trouble? It is often disappointed one single time, people do lose faith in people and light feeling. Turn into alienation incarnation, into a kind of beech - Are you tempted by this prospect?

A well-known Russian proverb says: "Smart in the mountain will not go - smart mount bypass". For centuries, the image of the mountain is associated in humans with an obstacle, grief. And therefore suffering must be avoided by all means. After all, as evidenced by the practice, and the other saying, "Through thorns to the stars" justifies itself not always ...

Nadezhda Ponomarenko, especially for our website